Basic Website Designing Certification Course

Webinfotech offers 5 to 6 Months Industrial | Summer | Internship Training to B.Tech computer science (CSE) and MCA Students in the Website Designing. The main objective of our Industrial | Summer | Internship Training program is to provide the IT graduates with practical exposure to Website Design. This course training program is most suitable for B.Tech computer science (CSE) , B.E. BCA, MCA or any IT Professionals who are about to enter the Software Industry and wanted to pursue their career in Website designing or Web Application Development and after the completion of the training, the trainees are provided with the training certificate and placement opportunities by Webinfotech.


This course will teach students about the processes of web design and will ready them to begin a career as a Web Designer. Topics included in the course are file transfer protocol, adding CSS, an introduction to HTML, text editors and adding files. Upon completion of this course, students will have learned the skills that are necessary to create well-functioning websites using CSS and HTML.
Website in not just creating layout and adding content, images. Website Design involves client requirement analysis, usability, concept creation, layout designing, and conversation of Photoshop design to html/css, functionality implementation and browser testing. While creating websites the primary focus will be on client requirements and targeted users of the website.

Duration of the Course60 Classes
Online Course fees6,500 Rs.
Teaching LanguageHindi/English
Possible Batch Time11 AM to 11 PM
Minimum Hour Class1 Hour
Class in one Week6 Days
Batch Start DateEvery 5 each Month
What you get online course?
  •  Job Assistance
  •  Study Material [Hindi or English]
  •  Course Certificate
  •  Interview Question
  •  Free Student Panel & Free Online Video
Who will be teaching these courses?This course will be taught by IT Professionals (Designer or Developer) only.
What is the scope of this field?Organizations, Multi-National Organizations, Web Development companies, IT sectors, Startups etc.
Will I am able to create my own website after finishing the course?Yes, You can.
Salary you can getRs.9,000 to 18,000
Job ProfileFreelance web designer, Website Designer etc

Course Modules

Website, Domain & Web Hosting, Network, Internet, How to Upload site, Edit the Website , HTML 4.01 and HTML 5.0 , Types of Server(Proxy , dedicated, mail exchange server, database server, web server), type of web server, DNS server, How to work Internet, Web Browser and its importance in website development, What is difference among static website, dynamic or web application, Web application platform and popular technologies, Comparison among, php or java for develop the web application etc.

About HTML

Overview, Basic Tags, Elements, Attributes, Formatting, Phrase Tags, Meta Tags, Comments, Images, Tables, Lists, Text Links, Image Links, Email Links, Frames, Iframes, Blocks, Backgrounds, Colors, Fonts, Forms, Embed Multimedia, Marquees, Header, Style Sheet, Javascript, Layouts etc.


What is jQuery?, Syntax, Enabling, Placement, Variables, Operators, If...Else, Switch Case, While Loop, For Loop,, Loop Control, Functions, Events, Page Redirect, Dialog Boxes, Void Keyword, Page Printing etc.

What is use of Jquery in Website?

The most important reason behind developing jQuery is to simplify client-side scripting (i.e. coding JavaScript). Now if you are familiar with coding JavaScript you might have faced a lot of difficulties in some situations like: Selecting or Targeting elements, Applying the style to them, Supplementing effects, Creating animations, Event handling, Navigating and Developing AJAX application etc.

FrontPage 2003, Dreamweaver and Notepad++

font, font size , color, paragraph formatting, marquee, images marquee, bullet and numbering, table layout, create different layout using the table tag, Presenting Enhancing Your Web Site with Graphics, Publishing Your Web Site, Managing Your Web Site, how to use css, different layout creat, Hyperlink, Photo Gallery, HTML form etc.

CSS Introduction, Syntax, Selectors, Colors, CSS Backgrounds, Borders, Margins, Padding, Height/Width, Outline, Text, Fonts, CSS Icons, Tables, Display, Overflow, Float, Align, Dropdowns, Forms, Website Layout, Position, Navigation Bar, Advanced, Rounded Corners, Border Images, Backgrounds, Shadows, Text Effects, Web Fonts, Buttons, Pagination, Multiple Columns, Box Sizing, Media Queries, Responsive, RWD Grid View etc. etc.

Bootstrap Title, Text Color, Background, font alignment, Paragraph, Address, Blockquote, Unordered List, Ordered List, Description, Table, Form, Button, Anchor Button, Image, Button Group, Dropdowns, Navs, Breadcrumb, Pagination, Label, Badge, Jumbotron, Page Header, Text, Thumbnails, Progress Bar, Media Object, List group, Cards, Grid, JavaScript Based, Modal, Navbar, Tabs, Alerts, Collapse, Carousel etc.

Lab assignment : Design two or three websites (8-12 Pages), Design Banner and Sliders, Layout Design etc