45 Days and 6 Months Industrial and Summer Training in Digital Marketing
For B.Tech Computer Science (CSE) / BCA Students / MCA Students / IT Professionals

Webinfotech is the excellent Institute for Digital Marketing Training in Kota, Rajasthan (India). We provide 100% practical training in Digital Marketing Course and SEO Training in Kota, Rajasthan (India). Digital marketing is concerned with advertising and selling your products and services on the Internet based site and application. The web has become a wide market in the business field. Every Institute wants to be a part of this Digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing also refers to the placement of media along different stages of the customer engagement cycle through search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, e-mail marketing, and Web 2.0 strategies. Webinfotech offers 45 Days and 6 Months Industrial / Summer / Internship Training to B.Tech computer science (CSE) and MCA Students in the PHP, ASP.Net, Python, Android(Mobile Apps), SEO and Digital Marketing. The main objective of our Industrial / Summer / Internship Training program is to provide the IT graduates with practical exposure to PHP or ASP.Net or Java. We have designed the PHP or ASP.Net or Java training course while keeping in mind the current Industry requirements. The PHP, ASP.Net, Python, Android(Mobile Apps), SEO and Digital Marketing training program is most suitable for B.Tech computer science (CSE) , B.E. BCA, MCA or any IT Professionals who are about to enter the Software Industry and wanted to pursue their career in PHP or ASP.Net or Java technology. With the help of 45 Days and 6 Months Industrial / Summer / Internship with certificate in PHP or ASP.Net or Java you can take your career in the upward direction.
Apart from our trainers, PHP, ASP.Net, Python, Android(Mobile Apps) developers of our company do interact with the trainees on regular basis. During the training, you go through a Live project in PHP, ASP.Net, Python, Android(Mobile Apps), SEO and Digital Marketing and after the completion of the training, the trainees are provided with the training certificate and placement opportunities by Webinfotech.

Why Webinfotech?
Webinfotech is the best Digital Marketing training and development Institute in Kota, Rajasthan (India) for students to build their career in Digital Marketing in IT industry. Search engine marketing is also known as inbound marketing by some people. Search engine marketing means you use search engine as your primary marketing channel. Search engine marketing contains SEO and search advertising.We are among the few Digital Marketing training Institutes in Kota, Rajasthan (India) having professional web design and development Institute. At Webinfotech you are given the choice to build your own IT career. We help you nurture your skills and build a successful path for your long and progressive career. Basic Digital Marketing provides the necessary knowledge to Digital Marketing.

Fee Structure of Industrial/Summer Training in Digital Marketing for
B.Tech CSE / BCA / MCA Students

A. Industrial Training Course Descrption

Duration of the Course45 Days
Online Course fees6,000 Rs.
Teaching LanguageHindi/English
Minimum Hour Class1.30 Hour
Class in one Week6 Days
Doubt and 6 Days
What you get online course? Course Certificate, Study Material [Hindi or English], Interview Question etc.

B. Industrial Training Course Contents

Module -1 Introduction Web Fundamentals
1.1 Website Design vs Web Application, Domain & Hosting, Upload Site, Server Ended Script etc.
1.2 Types of Server, Web Server , DNS Server etc.
1.3 HTML 4, HTML 5, Create Webpage, Hyperlink, Create Multiple Pages etc.
Module -2 Basic Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
2.1 What is Marketing?, How digital marketing is different than traditional marketing?, History of digital marketing
2.1 Marketing Includes-, Marketing Channels, Marketing Strategies, Medium /Channels of digital or Other Marketing, Why choose Affiliate marketing?, Benefits of Digital marketing
Module -3 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
3.1 What is digital marketing? What is differences between Digital Marketing vs Search Engine Marketing, Introduction to Paid Marketing
3.2 Google Ads (Google AdWords), Types of Campaigns, PPC Campaign Setup, AdGroups and Keywords Setup
3.3 Bidding strategies & Conversion Tracking, AdRank, Quality Score Optimization, Ad Formats & Ad Extensions
3.4 Dynamic search campaigns, Display Ads Campaigns, Remarketing campaigns, Mobile Apps Marketing, Youtube Ads Marketing
Module -4 Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Media Optimiation (SMO)
4.1 Facebook Marketing
4.2 Twitter Marketing
4.3 LinkedIn Marketing
4.4 Instagram Marketing
4.5 Pinterest Marketing
4.6 Blog Marketing
Module -5 Off Page SEO Optimization
5.1 Search Engine Submissions, Google Places Setup (Including Images, Videos etc), Optimize Local Listings (Bing, Yahoo etc.)
5.2 Optimize listings on Local Directories, Social Networking profile creation, Links from Free Directories & B2B portals
5.3 Article Submission, Press Releases Submission, Photo sharing (Flickr, Photobucket), E-Book Submissions
5.4 Shopping feesd submissions (Google Base), Free Classified Ads, Squidoo, Hub Pages, Social Bookmarks Created
5.5 Video Optimization, File Sharing, Blog post Submissions, RSS Submissions, Blog Directory Submissions
Module -6 E-mail Marketing
Module -7 Content Marketing

Some Important FAQ's

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is not about promotion or advertising only. Marketing is a complex topic or a concept which is used to make a comprehensive plan of action to generate leads, increase sales, increase brand awareness or acquire more customers.Digital Marketing is a branch of marketing that mainly involves technologies like internet, computers and mobile phones to promote the products and services online. It is a well-targeted, conversion-oriented and interactive marketing approach to reach the customers and transform them into clients. The purpose of digital marketing is to promote your business online to reach the right audience that can be your customers. Recent studies show that Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector in the tech industry.
Marketing plays a major role in creating awareness about a business, increasing customer base, growing sales and building brand. Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business and without effective marketing, growing business becomes almost impossible.

What is Overview of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about promoting a business using digital channels like Internet, website, blogs, social media platforms, video marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing and the list is huge. Basically, digital marketing is umbrella term used for the combination of various digital marketing techniques and strategies like SEO, Social media, paid ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, content marketing etc. To understand digital marketing, it's important to first understand digital marketing channels and concepts. Digital marketing is not new. It's been around since the Internet started. Now digital marketing is becoming popular due to the increase in internet users, mobile phone users and digital content consumption.

What are major topics covered under Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):Search engine marketing is also known as inbound marketing by some people. Search engine marketing means you use search engine as your primary marketing channel. Search engine marketing contains SEO and search advertising.

Search Engine Marketing:Search engine marketing is also known as inbound marketing by some people. Search engine marketing means you use search engine as your primary marketing channel. Search engine marketing contains SEO and search advertising.

  • Search advertising is paid advertising
  • Typically advertiser will pay per click
  • display advertising is also part of search advertising sometimes
  • Google Adwords is one of the most popular platform for search advertising
Social Media Marketing (SMM):Social media marketing is about using social networking platforms and social media websites for marketing. Social media marketing is now becoming popular due to increase in internet users and social networking users. Social media marketing is about promoting business using social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Quora, LinkedIn and many such popular social media networking website.
  • Social media marketing is growing very fast
  • Social media advertising is also part of social media marketing
  • social media marketing has both organic and paid channels
  • Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter Ads etc. is part of social media marketing

  • Email MarketingE-mail marketing is one of the most confusing part of digital marketing mix. some people call it bulk mail, some people call it mass mail and some are even confused between mass mail and email marketing.Email marketing is very old marketing channel and it's also changing very fast. email is one of the most preferred communication channel for marketing after SMS and growth of whatsapp and other marketing channels.Email marketing is not the primary channel for marketing but it's an enabler. It's a communication channel between brands and buyers. Everyday email marketing is improving and now email marketing has become part of marketing automation.

    Content Marketing: The goal of Content marketing is to retain and attract customers by consistently creating valuable and relevant content with the intention to engage targeted audience in order to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is valuable for companies as information people find online impacts their purchase decision.Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy where marketing is done using high-quality and relevant content.This content can be blog posts, articles, email newsletters, white papers, case studies, research papers/reports, infographics, videos, webinars, e-magazines, e-books, and much, much more. It's about creating the right content and promoting content using SEO, SEM, Social Media and other digital marketing channels.

    Advertising:Online Advertising has multitude of benefits over traditional advertising and the chief difference is targeting.Most of the online marketing platforms accept banner/text/rich media ad formats which are billed in three ways CPM (Cost for Thousand) , CPL (Cost per lead) and CPC (Cost per Click). In CPM, the advertiser pays for each 1000 ad views that the ad gets, while CPC is the amount of money that is paid by advertiser to search engines for a single click on its advertisement that brings one visitor to its website. For every click the advertiser pays to search engines and online publishers. Another form of advertising is Cost Per Lead, in which the advertiser pays for an explicit sign up from an interested consumer who is interested in the advertiser's offer


  • PPC Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Video Advertising
  • Blogging